Product Foucs: Essie Gel Coutre

Essie Gel Coutre, source


I didn’t think my first beauty post would be about nail polish, but I was so thoroughly blown away I had to share.


I’ve always loved Essie colors, but I’ve found the formula to be pretty hit and miss. For instance, I love their pastel colors, but oftentimes I find opacity to be an issue. Or I’ll see brush strokes. Or even with one of their metallic shades a second coat actually pulled off the first coat! And nothing pisses me off more than falling in love with a color but having my manicure chip. But its not just Essie. I find with most regular nail polish formulas I’m left wanting. So there I am, spending too much money on gel manicures every month and half the time not being satisfied with the color selection. And on and on the cycle goes.

But recently, a trend has settled into the nail polish industry. Giving women gel-like manicures without the UV lamp. Supposedly, these formulas will give you chip-free manicures for a week or more without having to bother with the salon.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, I believe was the first one to come out with it. Without going into much detail, I found the formula, again, to be pretty hit and miss. Some of the colors were amazing and wore well. Others never dried, or applied patchy.

But then I saw the beautifully curved bottles of the Essie Gel Couture nail polish. I bought one of my first bottles and noticed a few things I love. First, the applicator brush is amazing. Its wide and spreads over my whole nail with just a little pressure. Also, within one coat the color gave almost perfect opacity. I saw no brush strokes. I didn’t see nail poking through.

Essie Gel Coutre: Gala Vanting and Essie Luxe Effects: Set in Stones


I’m not gentle with my hands. I’m a mom of two boys, plus I like to cook and lift weights. And this manicure still lasted over a week. It also dried really really quickly. And the shine. Oh the shine was so lovely, I can’t stop staring. Y’all, I cannot say enough good things about this formula.

Just in case you were wondering, I used the OPI base coat and the Orly Color Amp’d (their gel collection) top coat.



3 thoughts on “Product Foucs: Essie Gel Coutre

    1. DD says:

      I still have it on but glitter is always a bitch to remove. What I tend to do is soak a cotton round in acetone then hold it to the nail for a bit. But every glitter I’ve used makes me hate life for a minute.


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