What’s In my Beauty Bag: Pensacola

Hey Y’all!

So I got a wild hair about me and decided to hop in the car with my youngest and go to the beach for a week.

Let me explain.

I was supposed to visit family in Georgia a couple weeks ago. They live on a barrier island, and, well, a couple of weeks ago there was the small issue of a category 4 hurricane. So we scratched the trip for a little bit.

However, I’d been looking forward to some traveling for a while and couldn’t get a sunny beach out of my head. So here I am in Pensacola.

When I have the option to be a little high maintenance when traveling, I jump on the opportunity. And by “high maintenance” I mean bringing some creature comforts I’d have otherwise left behind.

Like candles.

Who travels with candles? This girl! I am highly affected by scents, so I love to light candles to diffuse the hotel smell. And if you’re going to be in a place for longer than a couple days, why not? So I have both a vanilla candle and lavender candle.

I also traveled with cheese, salami, wine, marinated meat, my knives and a bunch of snacks. It might seem like a lot, but sometimes I’d rather cook than try to eat out with kids. And with my grill overlooking the ocean, I’m a happy girl to cook at my leisure. When my youngest naps, I sip wine and treat myself to a cheese plate with my feet propped up in the sunshine. Its awesome.

On to what I packed in my beauty bag, though!

I knew I wanted to look nice but also be low maintenance with a focus on skin care first! With that goal in mind, I purchased a few Coola items for the trip.


Their products are organic with plant based skin protectors. I love almost everything I’ve sampled from them. My favorite product so far has to be their mineral sunscreen and primer. It makes my skin look poreless and matte while giving an SPF 30 protection, so I applied that first all over my face and neck.

Then, I used the Mabelline Fit me concealer on my under eyes, the crease of my nose (I get red there) and on a small red patch on my face. I buffed it in with a fluffy concealer brush and gently set it with powder.

Next, to give a sunkissed, windswept look, I applied a small amount of Temptu liquid bronzer to my cheeks and forehead with a small stippling brush. I’ve not ever used a liquid bronzer before, but I received this in my last Boxycharm box and love it! The ladies at Boxycharm showed us on snapchat all the different ways to use it and I was impressed!

Next, I tried Pixie by Petra’s gel blush. It gives a seriously natural glow and I love it! I also applied that with a stippling brush and found it really easy to build.

I almost didn’t apply mascara for obvious reasons, but I’ve gotten to the point that I really prefer the little oomph it gives me. So I used a sample size of Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes waterproof mascara. I was outside all day and had no issues with running or transfer.

Finally, I glossed my lips with the lemon and honey lip oil from Milani. The scent was perfect for a day at the beach, and I love how soft and non-sticky it is!

I also used Coola’s unscented suncreen. I honestly thought I’d picked up their vanilla scented sunscreen so I was kicking myself when I realized my mistake. But, hey! I was at the beach from sun up to sun down and I didn’t get burned!


I’m sure this will make y’all laugh, but when I was sitting in that beautiful aqua water, it occurred to me that salt water and sand would make an awesome exfoliant. So there I am, scrubbing my whole body with the sand, making my body as smooth as a fucking infant. I don’t know if that’s a low maintenance or high maintenance thing to do, but its maintenance and my skin is thanking me.



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